Formation of Australian Colonies & States. 1788 – 1989.

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1788 New South Wales established.

1825 Van Dieman’s Land proclaimed a separate colony (Renamed Tasmania in 1856)

1829 Swan River Colony proclaimed (Renamed Western Australia in 1832)

1836 Province of South Australia proclaimed.

1840  New Zealand constituted as a separate colony.

1846 North Australian colony proclaimed. Revoked by Queen Victoria in the same year.

1851 Colony of Victoria founded.

1859 Queensland authorized as a separate colony.

1863 Northern Territory annexed from N.S.W. to South Australia.

1901 Commonwealth of Australia proclaimed.

1911 Northern Territory reformed and transferred to Commonwealth control.

1911 Federal Capital Territory established. Renamed Australian Capital Territory in 1938.

1915 Jervis Bay added to Federal Capital Territory.

1927 Northern Territory divided into North Australia and Central Australia.

1931 North Australia and Central Australia merge into the Northern Territory.

1989 Jervis Bay becomes a separate Commonwealth Territory


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