Northern Victoria to Join a Riverina state?

Northern Victoria to Join a Riverina state?
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The map above displays the concentration of electorates in Victoria. Of the 88 electorates in the Legislative Assembly, 68 (77%) are in the marked area, while 20 (23%) are in the rest of the state.

This concentration of political power is immediately concerning.

In the 2018 Victorian State Election, a total of 197,537 people voted in the five border electorates marked.

In the same election 376,470 people voted for The Greens. The vast majority of these in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Nearly twice as many people in Victoria voted for The Greens, who are opposed to all natural resource based industries including irrigation and timber, than there are voters in the five border electorates.

Northern Victoria has a very similar problem to The Riverina i.e. Insurmountable domination by a Green orientated metropolitan population determined to cease the use of natural resources such as water and timber. Water, timber and other natural resources are integral to the livelihoods of the people in the five marked electorates.

The domination of NSW and Victoria by the Green oriented urban populations will cause the economic and social decimation of the people in The Riverina and Northern Victoria.

Joining a Riverina state is a logical consideration for the people in Northern Victoria.



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