Draft Hay Wind and Solar Electricity Construction Project Policy

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Regarding the installation of approximately 1,000,000 solar panels and 201 wind turbines and associated power lines and towers for the generation of electricity (referred to as renewable power) in the proximate area south of Hay.

The Riverina State Group at its meeting at the Hay Services Club on the 19th of June 2023 called to consider this installation, further considered that:

1)        The term renewable power is incorrect and misleading due to it referring to self-renewing and freely available sunshine and wind, while in fact the electricity generated requires the original construction of solar panels, wind turbines and power lines, and these need to be regularly maintained, and the panels and turbines eventually demolished and replaced at least every 20-35 years.

            The electricity being generated is obviously not self-renewing or freely available as the term ‘renewable’ implies.

2)        The panels, turbines and power lines associated with the electricity generation despoil the landscape of the world renowned Hay plains. These are a blight on the natural and unique beauty of the Hay area.

3)        The panels, turbines and power lines associated with the electricity generation decimate the productivity of the associated land, causing a decline in the creation of wealth and prosperity of the people in the Hay area.

4)        The many proponents of these behemoths live mainly in the urban areas of Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong, and refuse to have them constructed in their own backyard, but instead construct them in ours. This is an abuse of authority.

5)        The great quantity and cost of material and construction required to install the panels, turbines and power lines exceeds the quantity of material and cost required for the existing electricity supply.

6)        There is no advertised method or place of disposal of the panels and turbines when they are eventually demolished. This lack of knowledge is unsatisfactory.

7)        The installation of the panels, turbines, power poles and lines, has been ordered without the consent of the Hay Shire Council or of the Hay people. The dictatorial nature of the NSW State Government’s actions is unsatisfactory.

8)        The subsidizing of the cost of the so called renewable electricity by the cost added to the existing electricity supply is adding greatly to the cost of all electricity. This greater cost is reducing the ability of all people in NSW to prosper. In many cases it is reducing the ability of people to heat their homes. The cost of this electricity is reducing the prosperity of all people in NSW, and is many cases, is impoverishing them.

9)        The premise for the need to replace the existing electricity supply is not supported by evidence.

The premise consists of numerous factors, the most obvious being:

          a) The world’s temperature is increasing catastrophically.

          b) The world’s climate is changing catastrophically.

          c) The world’s temperature is increasing, and the climate changing due to an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

          d) The increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is caused by Man’s burning of carbon based fuels such as coal and oil.

          e) The burning of carbon based fuel in Australia must stop in order to save both the Earth and all life on Earth.

            The factors constructing the premise are not convincingly supported by evidence. There is in fact much evidence provided by numerous eminent professionals that indicates, if not proving conclusively, that the factors listed above are false.

            The claimed evidence supporting the premise appears to consist mainly of regular repetition of the premise’ factors in the urban media in the hope, if not with the intention, that they will be eventually perceived as fact. The premise relies on repetition rather that evidence and substantiation.

            There is a different standard applied to other countries considering that Australian coal is copiously mined in Australia and exported to many and any other country in the world for burning over there.   

10)      There have been many predictions of temperature and climate disaster made by proponents of projects such as the one at Hay that have failed to occur in any semblance of their description.


The Riverina State Group at Hay concluded unanimously that;

1)        The installation of the proposed solar panels, wind turbines and associated power pole and lines is not justified or desired.

2)        A moratorium be placed on the installation of the proposed project.

3)        The existing method of electricity generation and supply be retained entirely.

4)        A NSW State Government funded enquiry be conducted by professionals both in support of and opposed to the proposed project.

            This enquiry to include:

          a) the investigation of the justification i.e. premise, for the project.

          b) investigating the existing method of electricity generation and supply

          c) Investigate the proposed electricity generation method

          d) investigate alternative methods of electricity generation such as using nuclear, gas and hydrogen fuel.

 5)       Assuming and confident that the requested enquiry will justify our desires, the Riverina State Group demands that at the end of the moratorium the proposed project be discontinued and any existing construction be demolished.

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