All Membership Invitation Events.

All Membership Invitation Events.
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Saturday 14/7/24 outside Deni Outdoor and Camping/North Deni Bakery, 9.30 am till 2 pm. 11 new members, and caught up with some existing members. Very good. Cold enough though. David.






With Arthur and Elaine Breen at Rochester 29/6/24. Very good, but very cold and wintery. The event ended at midday. 








Cohuna. Saturday morning 1/6/24. King George St, near the great IGA Supermarket. 12 new members, including Gunbower. Very good.









Kerang. Patchell Plaza. Friday morning 31/5/24. 8 new members. On a relatively quiet morning, very good.

Considering the impromptu and random nature of these events, and that State formation is a huge proposal, and that most people have never heard of this before, and further that Kerang and other towns have not previously been considered as in The Riverina, State formation is very popular.

A lot of people are very unhappy with what is happening to their towns.   



Cohuna 18/5/24. 18 new members. Very good. State formation, including northern Victoria, is very popular.




19 new members. The Riverina State membership invitation event at Mathoura General Store 16/5/24 . Very good. David.







Riverina State Group meeting, Border Inn, Moama, 4/5/24. Attendees added 34 new members. Tentative total membership is 911. Very good. Need 1,500 members to register as a party Federally.




Membership invitation event, Woolworths, Moama, 4/5/24. 11.30am until 2.30pm. 11 new members. Very good.








Riverina State group meeting at the Border Inn Hotel, Moama, Saturday 4th May, 3.00 – 4.30 p.m.

Agenda: Progress to date. Membership updates. Social catch-up.

Special guest: Chris Brady. Chris has been very successful in gaining Group members. Chris will speak about his experience in this endeavour.

Members and interested people welcome.

RSVP. David. Ph 0427 009683.

At Swan Hill, Saturday morning 27/4/24. Five new members. Very good.








 22/4/24. At Langtry’s Moulamein IGA. Ten new members. State formation is very popular!







20/4/24. The great man Michael Grey Griffiths of Cafe Locked Out with David Landini at the 8.32 Muster at Four Posts Camp at Deniliquin. Great day. Ten new Riverina State Group members.









Saturday morning membership invitation event at Agspares Deniliquin with Chris Reeves. Seven new members. Very good. It takes time and effort, but State formation will be worth it. David. (the photo is from a previous event as I forgot to get one this time).




Easter Saturday 30/3/24 Wunghnu Recreation Reserve at the Goulburn Valley Vintage Tractor and Farm Machinery Club. Starting 10 am.

Postscript: With Riverina State super salesman Chris Brady and family at the Wunghnu vintage machinery show 30/3/24. 15 new members. At the Numurkah IGA in the afternoon. 8 new members. State formation is very popular!







Postscript to the Triple Conference. Well done Topher Field and assistants for arranging the Conference. All the presenters were interesting and inspiring. It was a great opportunity to inform people, and promote the necessity, of the need for a Riverina State. 


Tuesday 19th of March at 11 a.m. There will be a presentation of the Millewa Forest Red Gum industry policy to Chris Crump.

Refreshment at around 11.30 at the Mathoura General Store.     

Members and supporters are invited to attend.



Topher Field’s Triple Conference in Albury from Friday 15th of March until Sunday 17th.

I will be making a Riverina State presentation for half an hour on Friday around 5 p.m.

More information and attendance registration here.




Woolworths Moama the afternoon of 17/2/24. 6 new and good members.








A very good half day membership invitation event at Moulamein Saturday 10/2/24.

12 new members. State formation is

very popular!



Riverina State Group Membership invitation event at Berrigan Saturday 27/1/24 from 9-5pm. Call in!

Postscript: 20 new members. Very good! State formation is particularly popular in Berrigan.

The Riverina State Group now has 766 members.




23 new Riverina State Group members 18/1/24. Very good! Thanks to Rock Reaper and Tish Conder at the Barham Newsagency for their hospitality. Lloyd Colville and David Landini pictured with Rock’s Australia Day flag.







Very good membership invitation event at Cobram (Ritchies IGA) 6/1/24. The event is in Victoria, so promoting the Riverina State would be possibly confusing to Victorians, though the proposed state includes the irrigation areas of northern Victoria. Still popular! 23 new members! Now 711 members. Thanks to Garry, Mark and Shane Bugge for their encouragement and assistance.



Very good Riverina State Group membership invitation event in Berrigan 5/1/24. 26 new members. Thank you to Joe and staff at the IGA supermarket for their hospitality. Berrigan was central to the Riverina State movement in the 1920-30s with Mr William Pyle and Mr EJ Gorman prominent. State formation is very popular.




Pretty slow in Finley Thursday 4/1/24 afternoon, but still, 7 new members. David.






There will be a membership invitation event at Finley on Thursday 4/1/24, main street. Invite a friend or two (or three). Call in! David.





Coleambally impromptu invitation event 30/12/23. Coleambally was specifically built as an irrigation town. Every megalitre of water removed by the Federal government Basin Plan (with the NSW Government’s approval) is a disaster. A number of people said they have had enough of the water debacle. Riverina State formation is very popular. 16 new members. Very good! Now 646 members. Thanks to Sunny at the Kelly’s Supermarket for his hospitality. 



Impromptu membership invitation event at Leeton 29/12/23. Leeton is built on the irrigation industry that the State and Federal governments are closing down. State formation is very popular. 19 new members. Caine Stuart with David Landini outside the Leeton Newsagents..





Impromptu membership invitation events at Berrigan IGA in the morning of the 22/12/23, Jerilderie IGA in the afternoon, and Lockhart with the Westblades in the evening. 14 new members in Berrigan, 5 in Jerilderie, and 7 in Lockhart. Very good! Now 611 members. State formation is very popular. Thanks to Berrigan and Jerilderie IGA staff and the Westblade family for their hospitality.

Impromptu membership invitation events on the 21/12/23 at March’s IGA in Tocumwal. 20 new members. Very good! Thanks to the staff at March’s IGA for their hospitality.  






Impromptu members invitation event at Agspares, Deniliquin, Tuesday 20/12/23. 19 new members. Now 566 members. Very good! State formation is very popular. The actions of the Federal government – with NSW State support – has left no-one in doubt of the disastrous situation the people in the Riverina are in.

Thanks to Chris Reeves and staff for their hospitality. Pictured – John Beer with David Landini. 


There will be a membership invitation event at Finley Saturday morning until mid afternoon sometime. On the main street but not sure exactly where yet. Call in! David.

Finley in the morning and Tocumwal in the afternoon. 17 new members. Very good. Now 547 members. 




An impromptu membership invitation event was held at Langtry’s Supermarket in Moulamein on Friday 14/12/23. Nine people invited, eight joined. Very good. No-one now doubts that nothing else works. Only a Riverina State can protect us. David.





Next membership event is at the Barham Newsagents Saturday morning 9/12/23, and Woolworths Moama in the afternoon. Membership is just under 500, so hopefully this milestone will be passed Saturday. 

Post script: 23 new members at the Barham Newsagency event. Many thanks to Rock Reaper and Tish Conder for their super-salesmanship and hospitality. 5 new members at Moama, Great!




Agspares Deniliquin Friday afternoon 8/12/23. 12 new members. Plus a wind gale and thumping rain for about 5 minutes at around 3 pm. Very good. Many thanks to Chris Reeves and team at Agspares for their hospitality.







2/12/23. Late notice. Invitation event beside the Deniliquin Newsagency in the morning until midday. Call in!

22 new members joined today in Deniliquin. Very good! If you want a great dining experience, go to Kearea Thommers’ Red Rose Diner in Cressy St. Excellent quality and value! Look for the red ensign. And remember; Cash is King.


An impromptu membership invitation event at Woolworths in Moama Saturday morning 25/11/23. 14 new members joined. Very good!







There will be a membership invitation event at the protest in Deniliquin on Tuesday 21/11/23. I hope to see you there. David.

Post script. There were approximately 300 people at the protest. I arrived at 8.30am and set the invitation display over the road in front of Ritchies newsagency. About 20 new members joined in the morning and about 9 at the protest. The protest was not suited to inviting members as attendees were pre-occupied with the protest. All very good though! Video of the protest can be seen here.  Also interviewed by Wade Northausen from Billboard Battalion here..


Following on from the very successful membership event on 11/11/23, there will be another invitation event at Woolworths Moama on Saturday 18/11/23 from about 9.30 am until mid afternoon. David.

Post Script. With friends (and cocky) at the Woolworths Moama event. 20 new members joined. Very good!



11/11/23. In the shade at the front of Woolworths in Moama. Saturday was a 40c hot, dehydrating day. 21 new Riverina State Party members joined between 9 am till 2.30 pm. Very good! So many people know that NSW is closing the irrigated agriculture and timber industries that many people’s livelihoods depend on, and that only a Riverina State can protect these. David.



4/11/23. Twelve new Riverina State party members! Very good. A thank you to staff at the Mathoura General Store for their hospitality Saturday morning. David.





28/10/23. Agspares Deniliquin. Following on from the success of previous membership invitation events, there will be another event at Agspares, Barham Rd, Deniliquin, on Saturday morning 28th of October. Call in! David.

Post script: Eleven new members joined. Very good! Thanks to Chris Reeves and staff for their hospitality. David.




21/10/23. There will be a Riverina State display and Group membership invitation event on Saturday 21st of October outside Langtry’s Supermarket in Moulamein. Call in!


Postscript: A very good morning. Nine new Riverina State Party members, with two probables. State formation is very popular. David.


14/10/23. There will be a Riverina State display and opportunity for people to join The Riverina State Party outside Mark Ritchie’s Deniliquin newsagency Saturday morning 14/10/23 from 8 am. Call in! David. Postscript: 23 new members joined The Riverina State Party. Very good!


7/10/23. Bob Vasilyvic and I will be outside the Mathoura Super market Saturday 7th of October 8.30 am until about midday inviting people to join The Riverina State Party.

The people in Mathoura know from the changing of the Millewa Forest into a National Park in 2010 the great harm the NSW State Government can do to their livelihoods and ability to remain in the area. David Landini.


Post Script. Sixteen new members. State formation is very popular in Mathoura.




30/9/23. 27 new Riverina State party members joined this morning at Barham. Most people can see that the Green oriented urban domination of both NSW and Victoria is causing the suppression of the irrigation water and timber industries that many of our livelihoods either directly or indirectly depend on. A Riverina State will protect its people and ensure we prosper. David.


23/9/23. There will be a Riverina State display and membership invitation event at Agspares Deniliquin from 8 am til 12 midday Saturday 23/9/23. Call in! David Landini

Postscript. David Landini with manager Chris Reeves. 21 new members! The Riverina State is very popular!




16/9/23. 50 new Party members joined this morning!!! Great appreciation to Barham Newsagent proprietors Rock and Tish. Super salespeople!!!







9/9/23. A very good show on a very good day. And twelve new Riverina State Party members! Many thanks to Hay members. David.     

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