Public Meeting in Barham to Discusss forming the Riverina as a state separate from N.S.W.

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Public Meeting

To discuss

Forming The Riverina into a State separate from N.S.W.

At the Barham Hotel

Tuesday 15th January 7.00 – 8.30 pm.

This meeting is immediately due to the mistreatment of people in the irrigation, timber, associated industries, and indirectly all people, by the N.S.W government via participation in the Basin Plan and increasing timber harvesting restrictions, and its refusal to reconsider this mistreatment.

It is further due to confidence that the people in The Riverina can govern themselves more satisfactorily than the people in the politically dominant metropolitan centres of N.S.W. can.

The meeting will include a summary of the water and timber situations by Neal Eagle (Barham. Pictured above) and Chris Crump (Mathoura Sawmill).

David Landini 0427 009683.

Marty Cincotta 0418 509759

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