Keith Pitt thrown in effigy into the Murray River at Yarrawonga. Videos from the protest.

Keith Pitt thrown in effigy into the Murray River at Yarrawonga. Videos from the protest.
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Chris Brooks – So it’s both sides of the River that needs to be united in this fight.


Geoff Kendell – The whole thing is so rorted at the present, it’s unbelievable. The further you go into it, the worse the situation is.


Covid Keith Pitt aka Lindsay Schultz –  Farmers hate me down here? That’s the first I’ve heard.


Lloyd Polkinghorne – (MDBA Basin Plan) Fifty years ago you would have called it treason.


Chris Brooks – We’re going to give him the Golden Slug Award for the most inventive and creative line of bull shit we’ve  heard come out of the MDBA yet.

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  1. I cannot make these important video clips work. Regards Jack Arnold

  2. Can you please inform us. How much water has been taken out of the Murray and pumped all the way back to Brokenhill.
    How much water is flowing over each lock weekly.
    How much water is in Lake Victoria weekly.
    How many gates are open allowing water to flow out to sea in South Australia.
    Current costs of water by category.
    How many water brokers are their.
    How many people are employed at Tatura controlling water in the region.

    City people are not being fully informed. City media and radio stations are silent.

    Have a good day. Keep the information coming and I will share big time.


    • A lot of the information you have requested is displayed .

      Regrettably, I am sure that that this information will not change the story being told by the urban media.

      The purpose of The Riverina State Group is to form a state separate from NSW, and possibly Victoria. This State will have Constitutional authority over the water within its area, which no doubt will be used in a manner much more beneficial to the irrigators and wider community in this State.

      The purpose its not primarily to inform the urban populations of the disastrous water management. There are other competent organizations attempting to do this.

      The immediate objective is to inform the public about the political problem underlying the water problem. I am very happy to personally meet you and other interested people to discuss this further.

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