Covid ‘cases’ have little relevance to Covid deaths

Covid ‘cases’ have little relevance to Covid deaths
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The public are being continually bombarded with news about Covid-19 ‘cases’ throughout the local area and wider state.

This news causes a significant amount of fear and concern, and is used to justify various State government compulsions and prohibitions such as drug injections, the effective firing of dissidents, lock-downs, and wearing of face masks etc.

The public should understand that the diagnosis of ‘cases’ has very little relevance to the actual deaths attributed to Covid-19.

Since March 2020 until 17th of November 2021 there have been 78,805 people diagnosed as cases of Covid-19 in NSW, and 612 people whose deaths have been attributed to this. This is 1 death for every 128 cases, being 0.78%. This is a relatively low rate.

Notably, these deaths are not evenly or randomly distributed among the population. Records in the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that deaths are practically limited to people who already have one or more life-threatening illness such as dementia, cancer, or heart problems.

These deaths are then further limited to people aged between 70 to 100 years, with the average age being 86.

It doesn’t matter who or how many ‘cases’ are diagnosed, the actual deaths are practically limited to very elderly people who already have life threatening illnesses.

Due to their lack of relevance and their generation of unnecessary fear and concern, the mass testing and diagnosis of ‘cases’ should cease.

As has always been the practice, the vulnerable should be protected; but for the good of the remaining wider community, the compulsory drug injections, firings, lock-downs and the wearing of face masks, that all cause great distress and destruction among the people, should be abandoned.


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