The Riverina State Party Registration

The Riverina State Party Registration
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Registering a party named The Riverina State will:

Establish credibility.

Enable the party to stand candidates under the name The Riverina State in Federal and State elections.

Get the name The Riverina State printed on up to 600,000 voting ballots in the next Federal election.

Give supporters to opportunity to express their support for State formation with their vote.

Possibly get candidates elected to Parliament.

The number of votes received will be certified and recorded with the relevant electoral commission, and will eventually be used to justify a referendum on State formation. A successful referendum will justify State formation. Constitutional Requirements

1,500 members are needed to register the party Federally. As at the end of Saturday 10/2/24 there are 780 members of the Riverina State Group. This is great, but of course more members are needed.

Viewers – join The Riverina State Group. If you are already a member, invite you family, friends and anyone else you think might be interested to join.

Membership link: Link to membership application

David Landini



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