Points on inviting people to join The Riverina State Group

Points on inviting people to join The Riverina State Group
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Riverina State illustrations and explanation

Membership Form

Members of The Riverina State Group are invited to invite family members and friends to join The Riverina State Group.

This video is a short presentation to assist members in successfully inviting family members and friends. The text of this presentation will be displayed with this video on The Riverina State website. Viewers may print it for reference.

The following is some helpful background information that will assist you with your invitation.

There is already significant openness and acceptance among many people for Riverina State formation due to the history and memory of previous State formation movements, and these people’s unhappiness with the governance of both NSW and Victoria in these areas.

Many people are interested in State formation, but others aren’t, and a small number are even opposed to it. It is best to use your time and effort on the people who are interested. There are plenty of them. Let the people who are not interested or opposed to just go on their way.

Members should also expect that people will join at various points of their presentation. When they join, cease your presentation. People normally have no need or desire for further information, and you might actually begin to waste their time. Simply welcome and congratulate them on their joining, and if they desire, let them go on their way.

A membership form and promotional material is linked with this video. The booklets that some Riverina State members received when they joined are a good reference source when talking to prospects.

Members can be from any State or Territory of Australia. The only requirement for party registration is that they be on the electoral role.

For Federal registration, all that is required is the member’s name, address, and date of birth as on the electoral role. No signature is required. I would like the member’s telephone number and email (if the member has email) so that I can contact him or her if need be.

The following points are what I have found to be effective in gaining members. Members are welcome to use and adapt this information as each member thinks best.


1)  The first point that I make to prospective members is that the Riverina State Group is advocating for the formation of the Riverina as a State of the Commonwealth of Australia, separate from both NSW and Victoria.

To achieve State formation the Riverina State Group is in the process of registering a political party named The Riverina State in time for the next Federal election. The Group intends to stand candidates in the NSW electorates of Farrer, Riverina i.e. Wagga, and Eden-Monaro, and in the Victorian electorates of Mallee, Nicholls and possibly Indi.

This will get the name The Riverina State printed on every voting ballot in each electorate where candidates stand. There are approximately 100,000 ballots in each electorate, so The Riverina State will be printed on up to 600,000 ballots. This is an unrivalled method of putting State formation into the public domain. This will also give voters the opportunity to express their support for State formation with their vote.

Ideally, the Riverina State Group will get candidates elected to Parliament, but even without getting candidates elected, the number of votes gained will be recorded by the Australian Electoral Commission and will eventually be used to justify a State agreed referendum on State formation. This referendum will be of the people in the area of the proposed State – not Sydney and not Melbourne. This referendum will succeed, as it won’t hold it until we know that it will succeed. This referendum result will then be used to justify the Parliament of NSW consenting to State formation for the NSW section, and the Parliament of Victoria consenting to the Victorian section.

Federal party registration requires the Riverina State Group to have 1,500 members. The Group currently has just over 800 members. The Group is inviting people to join so that this party can be registered, and the proposed process of State formation continues, and Statehood be achieved.

There is no liability, obligation or responsibility associated with membership. While members are welcome to do as much as they like to assist State formation, there is no requirement that they do so.

Establishment membership is free. Money is not a barrier to membership. People that are so inclined can also join as General members at a cost of $200 p.a. General membership provides for the financial reality that State formation costs money. The difference between Establishment membership and General membership is that if a vote is ever required, General members are entitled to a vote while Establishment members are not.

If the prospect joins, cease here.


2)  The second point that I make is a summary of the reasons for the State formation. NSW and Victoria are governing in a way that is very detrimental to the people in this area. They are allowing the Federal government to take water out of productive use in this area. This is removing the wealth production, the jobs and ultimately the people from this area. They are also closing the timber industry down which is causing the same result. They are building so called renewable electricity infrastructure that is a blight on the landscape and associated productive capability. All these actions are detrimental to the well-being of all people in this area.

A Riverina State will have authority over all natural resources in this area, and the people in this State will decide how these are managed. The Riverina State Group will ensure that additional water is used to compensate the water removed to date. The Group will ensure the timber industry continues as it has for many years. The Group will ensure that the wealth production, the jobs, and ultimately the people, will remain in this area. The Group will ensure that the urban population that wants so called renewable electricity can build the infrastructure in their own backyard, but not here.

If the prospect joins, cease here.


3)  The third point that I make is that this bad governance is not accidental. It is caused by the concentration of population, politicians and political power in the urban areas of Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong in NSW and Geelong, Melbourne and the Mornington peninsula in Victoria.

At this point I display the maps of the electorates in NSW (or Victoria) that show this concentration. These maps are normally stunning. While most people are vaguely aware of this domination, they have not previously seen this illustrated.

We effectively have no representation in State parliament. Urban politicians will make decisions that they feel good about, and far too often the people in these areas will suffer for it.

If the prospect joins, cease here.


4)  The fourth point I make is that the only way to protect our-selves from this detrimental governance is to form a Riverina State. This State will remove the population and politicians of the urban areas of NSW and Victoria from State decision making and governance. The people in The Riverina State will govern themselves with the authority of a State. This governance will be far better for the people in The Riverina than what we are enduring now.


This concludes this presentation. I hope it is of assistance. If members would like to know more are like any assistance, please contact me via telephone or the contact email on The Riverina State website.


David Landini

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