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That The Riverina be a State of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Riverina is the area generally corresponding to the N.S.W. state electorates of Murray, Albury, Wagga Wagga, and part or all of Cootamundra, Goulburn and Barwon, and including the Murray River.

Preliminary Objectives

That a referendum of the People in The Riverina be held on whether to form The Riverina State.

That the Parliament of N.S.W. recognize the will of the People of The Riverina to form a separate state (assuming this is expressed in a successful referendum) and consent to the formation of this state as provided for in Section 124 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution. 

That members of State and Federal Parliament be elected that will pursue these objectives.

Preliminary Proposals

That a method of governance be established and written in a constitution, and this constitution be approved by a majority of the People in The Riverina.

That the laws of N.S.W. at the time of the formation of The Riverina, subject to the Constitution and subsequent laws formed in The Riverina, be the founding laws of The Riverina.

Proposed Inclusions in the Method of Governance

1) That the governance of the state include a Legislative Assembly consisting of members elected from electorates of no more than 10% of the area of the state, and with no more than ten electorates included in 10% of the area of the state. The purpose of area qualifications is to prevent a re-creation of the current domination in N.S.W. of people from one area over people from the others.

Subject to area qualifications, each electorate will contain 10,000 people, plus or minus 1000.

To prevent creation of permanently entrenched members and associated ill effects detrimental to the people, membership of the Legislative Assembly shall not exceed eight consecutive years or twelve years total. 

Formation of law shall originate in the Legislative Assembly and require the assent of the Premier. 

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2) That governance include a Premier elected by the People, separate from the Legislative Assembly, responsible for executing governance and law of The Riverina. For the same reasons as in the Legislative Assembly, a Premier’s service shall not exceed eight consecutive years or twelve total years.

The Premier may appoint Ministers subject to the Premier, with the assent of the Legislative Assembly, to assist with governance. Ministers shall not be members of the Legislative Assembly.

The purpose of the Premier being elected by the People, and the Premier and Ministers separate from the Legislative Assembly, is to ensure that the Premier and Ministers are more directly subject to the People rather than possible factions of the Legislative Assembly. This will further ensure unbiased formation and application of the law, and further ensure impartial and competent  governance, and further prevent corrupt expenditure of public money. 

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3) That governance include a Judiciary, separate from the Premier and Legislative Assembly,  appointed by the Premier with the assent of the Legislative Assembly.

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